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About us

Seabrook Wellness is comprised of a network of CNM, ND, LMT, MD, DC and PharmD. We consult to get you the best information, access to supplements and diagnostic testing that is available.   

Debra Dotts Sladek, is certified as a Brimhall Wellness Practitioner. I have a doctorate in Naturopathy from Trinity College, I am certified in Functional Neurology from The Institute for Advanced Integrative Medicine, a National Board Certified Theraputic Massage and Bodyworker, hold numerous additional certifications in Nutrition, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Applied Kinesiology and Trigger point therapy just to name a few. I also happen to be a Reiki Master/Teacher and am connected to people all over the world that I can refer you to if what you need is outside of my scope of practice. This is my website. Yes, I network with all the above mentioned practitioners, but this site is not associated with them.

Before I got started in alternative and energy medicine, I worked as a motion picture camera operator/assistant for many years. You can look me up at and see a few of the films and television that I have worked on. IMBD doesn't list music videos or commercials.

Many people always ask me why I got out of the lucrative and exciting movie business? It has been a very long journey to where I am at today. I have always doubted prescription medication safety and questioned many recommendations made by doctors over the years.

In the late 1980's I was working on a movie with Sissy Spacek and she turned me on to homeopathy. A flu began sweeping through the entire cast and crew. The handful of people that Sissy gave her homeopathic remedy to got well very quickly. What a miracle! Especially since we had been working 16+ hours daily, we were all so run down the flu should have knocked us out. It became obvious to me, this was the way the body was supposed to heal, thru nutrition. Technically homeopathy is energy and not nutrition but that works too!

I remained actively working on movies, commercials and music videos for many, many more years taking off time to start my family in 1996. All the while I was also studying alternative medicine on the side. After a series of unfortunate events beginning in 2001, like several people very close to me becoming gravely ill, I went into full force on my degrees and certifications. I also discovered something amazing. People all over the world that have technology for healing arts. Believe me, when my father lay dying of cancer I was looking for this stuff. I poured through medical journals and scoured the internet night and day. I never even came close to finding this stuff because its under wellness, NOT CURES for specific ailments! By the time I found this work it was too late for my dad, but its not too late for the people that I meet everyday that are very sick, emotionally traumatized or just have chronic neck/back pain. Serving these people is far better than any job that I have ever had. It even tops working with Spielberg, okay!

Everyday new technology is being discovered in genetics and nutrition. l currently spend about 60% of my time studying and attending workshops and seminars. Some of this stuff is out of my scope of practice, but as long as I stay current on all health related technology I can pass it along to you and refer you to get the help you need when you need more than what I have available.

It is truly my pleasure to assist you on your journey of wellness! Do not hesitate to reach out to me because I am more than happy to answer questions and do my best to help you!