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Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant 90 Caps WHOLE-ISTIC SOLUTIONS - Seabrook Wellness - Miscellaneous

Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant 90 Caps WHOLE-ISTIC SOLUTIONS


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Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant - 90 capsules

Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant Supplements:
Do you really need them?

  • Are you under stress?
  • Do you eat fewer than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day?
  • Do you eat fast food, processed food or packaged foods?
  • Do you breathe?

Our diets don’t supply enough nutrients and our lifestyles demand more nutrients than ever.
You need Whole-istic Solutions Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant!

Whole-istic Solutions Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant is made from nutritionally dense whole foods which contain nutrients that are complete, straight from mother nature. Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant is packed with organic ingredients like Barley and Wheat Grasses, Chlorella and Spirulina, Blue Green Algae and Green Tea. Our Vitamin-Mineral-Antioxidant formula is continually improving to give you more nutrients than ever with higher antioxidant levels. Mangosteen is bursting with powerful phytonutrients called Xanthones, some of the most potent antioxidants known. The Acai berry is a very dense source of anthocyanins, another form of antioxidants which protect many body systems.