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APEX Energetics

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MIASMATOX (1 oz. liquid)

For relief of symptoms related to inherited or acquired miasmatic information.  Works primarily on a very deep level of detoxification in support of cellular metabolism.  A deep-acting miasmatic formula for the removal of acquired or inherited miasmatic information.  Homeopathic treatment of miasms. Rich in nosodes and flower essences.

Indications: For temporary relief of irritability, slow convalescence, eczema, minor asthma symptoms.

Dosage: 20 drops every ten days for one month, then 40 drops once a month for four months.  Sensitive patients: start with 2 drops every ten days, then double the dosage with each intake until the recommended dosage is achieved.  CHILDREN use half the adult dosage.

Directions: Take homeopathic remedies up to 30 minutes before meals.  Several can be taken together.  Hold for a few seconds under the tongue before taking the next one.  Avoid coffee and mint products as they may reduce effectiveness of this formula.  Avoid exposing to X-rays in the airports.